n South African Journal of Labour Relations - Aligning the Diversity "Rubik" Cube : conceptualising transformative practice

Volume 31, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0379-8410
  • E-ISSN: 2520-3223



The purpose of this article is to critically interrogate the extent to which diversity practitioners' definitions of diversity create the potential for deep transformation. By employing critical management theory and discursive analysis, we identified three dimensions to the definitions: Categories of Difference, Engagement of Difference and Site of Change. Each of these is represented as one dimension of the Diversity "Rubik" Cube. Each dimension is described individually, after which interaction between them is examined. At each point the potential for deep transformation is examined. In most cases the potential for deep transformation offered by the Category of Difference is closed down by the Engagement with Difference. This interaction represents the dominant paradigms for thinking through diversity in management studies. We suggest that there is only one alignment of the dimensions that provides for deep transformative practice and we offer the Diversity "Rubik" Cube as a model that will allow management, practitioners and academics to identify that alignment.

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