n Language Matters : Studies in the Languages of Southern Africa - Mechologic and ecologic : blueprints for war and peace : short articles, squibs

Volume 34, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-5986



Extracted from text ... Mechologic and ecologic: blueprints for war and peace Ricky Snyders Department of Psychology University of South Africa snydefja@unisa.ac.za Trying to protect his students' innocence he told them the Ice Age was really just the Chilly Age, a period of a million years when everyone had to wear sweaters. And the stone age became the gravel age, named after the long driveways of the time. The Spanish Inquisition was nothing more than an outbreak of questions such as `How far is it from here to Madrid?' `What do you call the matador's hat?' The War of the Roses took place ..

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