n Journal for Language Teaching = Ijenali Yekufundzisa Lulwimi = Tydskrif vir Taalonderrig - Changing the patterns : systemic functional grammar and method of development in texts

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-9570



Van Rooy & Butler state in a recent article (2000) that, because Outcomes Based Education (OBE) requires that language teaching make visible the results of learning, we need to re-examine our conception of grammar and its role in the classroom. They argue that functional grammar can provide the tools we need for practical, skills-based language teaching. A previous article (<i>Seeing the Patterns</i>, this issue) took up their suggestion that more detail would make the model clearer for lecturers and course designers, and explained the Systemic Functional Grammar concept of 'method of development' in texts . This article further demonstrates how the teacher might use this concept to diagnose the problems tertiary level students experience in writing coherent paragraphs and to show them how to make immediate visible improvements. It argues that grammar teaching of this kind is a practical way to teach academic discourse explicitly and is particularly helpful for disadvantaged students.

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