n Journal for Language Teaching = Ijenali Yekufundzisa Lulwimi = Tydskrif vir Taalonderrig - Editor's note

Volume 47, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0259-9570



The focus of this volume (47/2 of 2013) is a review of academic literacy interventions as they currently unfold at universities in South Africa. No claim is made that the volume represents a comprehensive overview of all the relevant issues related to this complex topic. However, the spread of the research, experience and the variety of the sites of delivery and associations represented by the experts that publish in this volume make it an important source for readers interested in this crucial topic currently. The three most prominent macro-discourses that emerge from the volume relate to the state of academic literacy as a scientific discipline, the state of academic literacy as a profession and the notion of collaboration between academic literacy specialists and discipline experts.

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