n Latin American Report - Cultural studies highlighted at the Comparative Literature Conference in Brazil : UCLAS reports

Volume 16, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



The scale of the conference was shown by the fact that more than 1 300 papers were presented. The majority of participants came from the host country, Brazil. As Brazil has 27 States (provinces), there were representatives from different regions and backgrounds. The other countries represented were: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, South Africa (represented by myself), Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela (18 countries in all). This is unsurprising, given that the biennial Congress of Abralic is the most important and all-embracing event in the area of comparative literature and criticism organized in Brazil. It serves as a forum for dialogue between Brazilian, Latin American, North American, European and other researchers in the field coming to grips with topical issues and problems. The aim of this particular congress was to debate important contemporary issues, such as ; as a consequence of globalization, identities can be said to be less monolithic, leading to fragmentation.

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