n Latin American Report - The documentary impulse in the Zimbabwean short films : (2004) and (2006)

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



The aim of this article is to explore the narratives of two short documentary films, (2004) and (2006). Through the narrative of the short film, exposes the prohibitive and constrictive influences of tradition on creativity, and on the female characters. These forms of censorship are a result of (1) 'fixed' cultural beliefs about female sexuality, (2) fantasies and myths created about HIV/AIDS, and (3) the fictions created about representing factual information through documentary films. The short film, (2006) captures 'voices' of people who critically reflect on factors that hinder the development of women in different spheres of life. It is argued that, although provides a platform for women to speak about the problems they face in life, the documentary's ways of depicting women's struggles creates ambivalent images of women as both 'weak' but also possessing an historical agency with which to overcome social stigma.

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