n Latin American Report - Re-envisaging the 'rape trope' in Alice Walker's works and its implications for race relations in a polarised society

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



This paper explores rape in Alice Walker's works from a literary rather than criminological viewpoint, and it is argued that bourgeoisie middle class morality is crucial in influencing the way crime is perceived. Walker treats rape as a racial crime and not as a human phenomenon in general. Where Alice Walker problematises the African-American man as a rapist, she is not at pains to do the same thing with the white man when confronted with the same charge. Walker seems to pander to a sensibility of the white bourgeois middle class ideology with its inherent haughty and suspicious attitude to the lower class black people in particular and black people in general. As readers, instead of appraising Alice Walker's treatment of rape as informed by an abhorrence of the crime, we see the same racial stereotypes as peddled by Caucasian Americans, which consequently offer justification for further exploitation and incarceration of black men.

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