n Latin American Report - School history in Ghana, identity and cultural affinity in the Atlantic world

Volume 27, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



A nation's space is territorially bounded, generally, and it moves forward in time. Within this space-time context, individuals identify themselves in significant respects. The march of a nation in time involves the evolution of species constituting a nationality. Nationality is defined on the basis of a variety of principles such as race, ethnicity, language or culture. In the era of a nation-state system, most historians believe that history is the main representation of the evolution of people within a territory and others elsewhere sharing with them various forms of identity. Historical knowledge is, thus, essential for nationhood and cultural interconnections between nations. This article examines the ways in which history education in Ghana matters in the evolution of nationality and the forging of historical connections between the peoples of that country and others in different parts of the world for the creation of a better-informed citizenry.

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