n Latin American Report - A critical overview of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's representation of sexuality in some of his narratives

Volume 27, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



The Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who has been writing for over sixty years, unfailingly brings sexuality to the fore of his narratives to the extent where its literary representation constitutes his oeuvre. However, his readership has not always liked some of his constructions of sexuality, leading to some litigation and outright bans of some of his works and their adaptations in some parts of the world. Thus, reading his narratives requires an appreciation of his social milieu to establish the patterns of sexual representation as they occur in some of the narratives. This article outlines key issues in his representation of sexuality. Garcia Marquez employs female sexuality as his grand metaphor but the gaps and silences in the telling are metonymous, in this way displaying a particular sensitivity to the reality of sexual desire in his own socio-cultural situation and not some misguided forage into soft porn.

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