n Latin American Report - The fantastic subversion of censorship in the film

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



This article explores how the film challenges and subverts political censorship in Zimbabwe by deploying fantasy expressed through the art of junkimation. Fantasy is a fictive projection of one's imagination and an art for contemplating alternative ways of explaining the world of the 'real'. The fantastic world created through imagines a new life in Zimbabwe; a life of anticipatory allegories of peace and prosperity. The argument projected through this article is that although animation is relegated to the margins of low culture of trivial entertainment or childish amusement, its use of fictive elements of fantasy opens up spaces of difference, and of struggle. Spaces of struggle make cartoon characters covertly undermine state restrictions as well as challenge the ideological shibboleths of power by narrating alternative histories and memories. The capacity of the film to tell alternative truths, and imagines a new Zimbabwe free of political persecution is what makes its discourses subversive, and a target for political censorship.

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