n Latin American Report - Agency and transcendence in Naipaul's and Pettina Gappah's

Volume 28, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



Naipul's (1971) and Gappah's (2009) present the reader with a population striving to overcome challenges of stultifying existence in the neo-colonial period. Though in the case of Naipul's , the population was originally uprooted and transplanted by institutionalised slavery, they share the post-colonial experiences with Gappah's . This exegesis uses an Africana Womanist approach in critiquing the manner in which the people of colour rise up to challenges dealing with various forms of oppression bent on undermining their human dignity and personhood. It critiques the conceptualization of the African reality and examines the functional purposes of both short story collections. It particularly focuses on the injection of women agency, or lack of it, and subversion of the woman as creator instead of consumer, in the matrix of social transformation and regeneration in the neo-colonial phase.

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