n Latin American Report - Interrogating community theatre as a tool for change and social development : the case of Amakhosi Theatre Productions company

Volume 29, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



This article focuses on selected community theatrical productions that have been undertaken by the Amakhosi Theatre Productions company to develop the Matabeleland region. The article explores the selected theatrical projects in relation to the developmental and pedagogical elements adopted by the Amakhosi Theatre Productions company to advocate social change and development in Matabeleland. Through qualitative content analysis, the paper assesses these theatrical performances in relation to community theatre, as the institution is largely premised on providing people with training and skills as a way of empowering the community. As a result, the research establishes how the plays are used to motivate, mobilise and develop communities for social change. The article also makes use of interviews with relevant people from Amakhosi Theatre Productions company and some stakeholders that they have engaged in the selected projects. The article concludes that there is a remarkable change in the way people live if they are part of the projects that are designed to develop them. This conclusion was reached by comparing when theatre for development would be imposed on these marginalised societies and when Amakhosi Theatre Productions company decided to engage and involve local people, using their local languages. The participatory aspect has proved to be one of the most important elements in theatre for social change.

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