n Latin American Report - A comparative analysis of thematic issues in selected children's literature from Zimbabwe and the Caribbean Islands

Volume 29, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-6060



This article seeks to establish if there are similarities in literary themes in children's literature from Zimbabwe and the Caribbean Islands. This is done by looking at recurrent themes in Caribbean and Zimbabwean children's literatures. The article's analysis is based on two children's literature books, one from Jamaica and another from Zimbabwe. The researchers established that there are similarities in the themes explored in these texts. The themes that feature prominently are those of family, reward of bravery, punishment of crime, and myths and beliefs. This seems to support Summer Edward's assertion that Caribbean children's literature has universal themes that can be found in children's literature the world over. However, it has also been established that there are some themes found in children's literatures that are peculiar to regions and their settings. For instance, some themes in Caribbean children's literature centre on the sea, which is central to the livelihoods of the people and is viewed as the provider of life. Similarly, some dominant themes in the Zimbabwean children's literature revolve around the Great Zimbabwe ruins/world heritage site in the country. On the whole, however, the researchers conclude that common themes in children's literature are universal.

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