n Law, Democracy & Development - An investigation into the causes of violent strikes in South Africa : some lessons from foreign law and possible solutions

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1028-1053
  • E-ISSN: 2077-4907



Workers have, over the past few years, attempted to heighten the impact of their strikes by using various tactics during industrial action, tactics which have a negative impact on the lives and property of other people. These include the trashing of cities, vandalising property, forming picket lines at supermarkets, and preventing shoppers from doing business with their chosen businesses. There have been strike-related disruptions in almost every sector of the economy with no one held responsible for the damage. The bargaining system in South Africa seems to be playing a contributory role in the eruption and escalation of these disruptions. There are certain factors that support this view. These include the lack of a ballot requirement in our bargaining system; the use of replacement labour during strike action; and the failure of the system to regulate protracted strike action accompanied by violence and harm to the economy.

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