n Lesotho Law Journal - Legal protection of minority languages in Lesotho : the case of language of

Volume 21, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0255-6472



Focus of this paper will be mainly on siPhuthi as one of the minority languages and the need for its protection as an endangered language of the Kingdom of Lesotho. The aim of the paper is to argue for the constitutional or legal protection of the language of siPhuthi and other minority languages in Lesotho to avoid their extinction but mostly to afford speakers of the languages as their mother tongues, their natural rights to realise all uses of a language.

This is done by first looking at the definitions and different uses of a language and what is meant by "minority languages". Next the paper deals with whether siPhuthi is a language of the minority. The paper then takes an overview of what the situation of the language of siPhuthi and the other minority languages in Lesotho is. This overview will include an analysis of the extent to which siPhuthi is an endangered language in comparison to the other languages. Lastly the paper explores the avenues open for the protection of the language.

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