n Lesotho Law Journal - Two decades of democracy and constitutionalism in Lesotho - what for women?

Volume 22, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 0255-6472



As the country marks twenty years of constitutional democracy almost fifty years since independence in 1966, one cannot help but take stock of what is there for women in Lesotho to celebrate. Gender equality is an imperative for democratic governance. In this context Dalherup's main theoretical arguments in support of the importance of women and gender equality in democratic governance are first, the justice argument, which is that because women make up half of the world population, it is imperative to promote gender equality. Second, the democracy argument, which is that proportional representation is desirable for democracy. Third, the experience arguments, which is that women bring different perspective and experiences to the table, so they enrich the democratic process. Fourth, is the critical mass argument, which is that women are able to achieve solidarity of a purpose to represent women's interests when they achieve certain levels of representation; and fifth, the symbolic argument, which is that women can act like role models when they are in leadership positions. There is evidence in many countries to show that when women are in positions of power they are inspired to actually do the same as men and be successful. So those are the five arguments [unclear] in support of gender and the promotion of gender equality.

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