n Lesotho Law Journal - Optimal financing of the proposed consolidated national social security scheme for Lesotho : options for the future

Volume 23, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0255-6472



This article looks at social security financing as an indispensible consideration for efficienising every social security scheme. It postulates that different factors influence the formation of new social security schemes and the ways of targeting the necessary social protection. One of such factors is an optimal choice of social security financing methods. The article is based on the premise that a fitting choice of social security financing model predetermines the success of the scheme. The aim of this article therefore, is to consider the manner in which Lesotho's contemplated national social security scheme may be financed so as to ensure its sustainability and affordability. The article undertakes an overview of various social security financing methods that may be used for financing the scheme. In the process, it recommends those that it identifies as ideal for the purpose regard being had to Lesotho's socio-economic levels of development.

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