n Lesotho Law Journal - The role of the judiciary in combating judicial corruption

Volume 23, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0255-6472



The nature of the office and functions of a judge call for high sense of duty, integrity, incorruptibility and credibility. The judiciary, as the last hope of the common man and custodian of the law plays an important role in the fight against corruption. Regrettably, judicial corruption has devalued and derailed society's fundamental mechanism for impartial administration of justice. The enviable role of the judiciary has been dented by serious allegations of corruption against the hallowed temple of justice. Some judges have betrayed their oaths of office by engaging in wanton corruption. Such corrupt activities of some judges have caused serious damage to the credibility and integrity of the judiciary. The common man's quest for justice is further diminished by corrupt characters in the judiciary. In order to boost the citizens' confidence in the judicial system, judges must demonstrate incorruptibility and impartiality. The war against corruption in the judiciary should be holistic and target not only judges but also any employee in the judiciary engaged in corrupt practices. The paper examines the critical role of the judiciary in combating corruption and concludes that corruption in the judicial system is one of the most significant obstacles to the impartial administration of justice and recommends practical ways to combat judicial corruption to ensure that the judiciary retains its time honored tradition of integrity and good image.

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