n Lexikos - Online dictionaries on the Internet : an overview for the African languages : research article

Volume 13, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1684-4904
  • E-ISSN: 2224-0039



Morero wo mogolo wa taodišwana ye ya nyakišišo ke wo o tiilego ka ge teko e dirilwe ka tebelelo ya kakaretšo ye e tletšego go dipukuntšu ka moka tša Inthanete tšeo di šetšego di le gona mo malemeng a Afrika. Sa go makatša ke gore go šetše go na le palo ye ntši ya dipukuntšu tše bjalo mo malemeng a mantši gape di na le badiriši ba bantši. Go hlalošwa dipharologantšho tše bohlokwa tša dipukuntšu tše le ka moo diphatlalatšo di dirwago ka gona gare ga maleme a mantši a go fapana. Mo karolong ya bobedi go tsebišwa pukuntšu ya online ye e lego ya pele gape e lego ya makgonthe ya Afrika Borwa. Le ge e le gore pukuntšu ye e hlamilwe ke dirutegi di se kae, e šetše e tšea sefoka lefaseng ka bophara. Se ke ka lebaka la gore pukuntšu ye e dirilwe ka tsela yeo e lego gore dilo di ka beakanywa gore di itšweletše ka botšona gomme tša lokela batho ka moka bao ba e dirišago mo Inthaneteng ka yona nako yeo.

The main purpose of this research article is rather bold, in that an attempt is made at a comprehensive overview of all currently available African-language Internet dictionaries. Quite surprisingly, a substantial number of such dictionaries is already available, for a large number of languages, with a relatively large number of users. The key characteristics of these dictionaries and various cross-language distributions are expounded on. In a second section the first South African online dictionary interface is introduced. Although compiled by just a small number of scholars, this dictionary contains a world's first in that lexicographic customisation is implemented on various levels in real time on the Internet.

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