oa South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science - A contextual study of the information literacy of aspirant barristers in Nigeria

Volume 78, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-8861



The study upon which the article is based investigated the information literacy of aspirant barristers in Nigeria and examined the efforts undertaken to restructure the legal education system in Nigeria. It explored the connection between contextual influences and professional development, particularly with respect to the concept of legal information literacy and the value of acquired educational skills in the context of legal practice in Nigeria. Data were obtained using quantitative and qualitative approaches. Key findings from the study were supportive of the importance of information literacy as central to the development of professional competence of the aspirant barristers which can be achieved through re-structuring the teaching methods and curricula of the Nigerian Law School (NLS). The study makes recommendations for the adoption and integration of information literacy as a conceptual framework by which skills training can be developed into the curriculum of the Nigerian Law School.

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