n Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems - A physical education curriculum enriched with indigenous Zulu games for improved social development through cross-cultural interaction

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1683-0296



The article is based on a study which was aimed at enriching the physical education curriculum with indigenous Zulu games for the promotion of cross-cultural interaction between the learners in the multicultural classroom. Therefore, it was necessary to assess these indigenous Zulu games' potential in obtaining overt educational outcomes related to the cognitive, affective, psychomotor and social development of the learners. Quantitative and qualitative data were triangulated to constitute context and gather data from isiZulu-speaking participants (=274). A sample of 217 grade seven learners and 57 adults participated in the research. The dissemination and presentation of indigenous Zulu games as means for reaching educational outcomes hold significant potential and value for curriculum enrichment and social inclusion in the South African school context.

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