n Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies - Stagnering en transformering : die rol van die nar in : research article

Volume 24, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0258-2279



This article focuses on the central problem in the film , and the role of the clown in the process of transformation that is embedded in the story. The stagnation in interpersonal relationships and the accompanying problem of identity on a personal and social level constitute the problem underlying the narrative. The youngest child refuses to speak and dysfunctional family relationships and marital problems are evident. These problems can mainly be ascribed to the spatial isolation in which the characters find themselves. Attention is therefore paid to the way in which space functions in this film. The arrival of an absconded circus clown effects transformation and healing - especially by means of his picaresque performances and the notion of play. Subsequently this article concentrates on the characteristics of game / playing as a cultural activity and on its liberating value. The clown also has definite Biblical connotations as far as the aspects of betrayal and redemption are concerned. The process of transformation as depicted in this film is completed when the child starts speaking again, dysfunctional family relationships are restored and the family is reinstated in the community because of their restored social status.

Hierdie artikel fokus op die sentrale problematiek in die film , en die rol wat die nar speel in die transformeringsproses wat plaasvind. Die sentrale problematiek onderliggend aan die verhaal is 'n stagnering in interpersoonlike verhoudings en 'n gepaardgaande identiteitsproblematiek op persoonlike en sosiale vlak. Die jongste kind weier om te praat en disfunksionele gesinsverhoudings en huweliksprobleme is duidelik. Die problematiek in die verhaal kan onder andere toegeskryf word aan die ruimtelike isolasie waarin die karakters hulle bevind. Daar word dus aandag geskenk aan die wyse waarop ruimte in die film funksioneer. Transformasie en heling vind plaas deur die tussenkoms van 'n verloopte sirkusnar. Dit geskied veral deur die nar se pikareske vertonings en die nosie van spel. Daar word gevolglik ook in die artikel gefokus op die onderskeidende kenmerke van spel as 'n kulturele aktiwiteit en die bevrydende waarde daarvan. Die nar het ook besliste Bybelse konnotasies en die aspekte van verlossing en verraad is ter sprake. Die transformasieproses soos voorgestel in die film, is voltooi as die kind weer praat, verbrokkelde gesinsverhoudings herstel word, en daar 'n versoening tussen gesin en gemeenskap plaasvind.

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