n Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies - Kinder- en jeugtoneel in Afrikaans : oorsig en tendense : research article

Volume 25, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0258-2279



This article consists of two main parts. The first part provides a historical overview of children's and youth theatre in Afrikaans, followed by the identification of some trends associated with this form of theatre. The initial aim of the article is to supplement current brief overviews of children's and youth theatre and then to postulate that the same social, political and economic influences are present in children's and youth theatre as in theatre intended for adult audiences. The discussion concludes that children's and youth plays in Afrikaans, notably those published after 1922, offer indications of realities that playwrights, audiences and readers of these plays were confronted with.

Die artikel bestaan uit twee hoofafdelings, waarin eerstens 'n historiese oorsig gegee word van die ontwikkeling van kinder- en jeugtoneel in Afrikaans, gevolg deur die identifisering van 'n aantal tendense met betrekking tot hierdie toneelvorm. Die doel met die bespreking is om bestaande, kort oorsigte van die Afrikaanse kinder- en jeugtoneel aan te vul en om aan te toon dat dieselfde sosiale, politieke en ekonomiese kragte in kinder- en jeugtoneel werksaam is as in volwassenetoneel. In die bespreking word tot die gevolgtrekking gekom dat kinder- en jeugdramas wat veral na 1922 in Afrikaans gepubliseer is, 'n aanduiding bied van die werklikhede waarmee dramaturge, gehore en lesers gekonfronteer is.

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