n Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies - The technique of flashback in selected Northern Sotho literary texts : research article

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0258-2279



Die doel van hierdie artikel is om die toepassing van terugflitse as tegniek in enkele literêre tekste in Noord-Sotho te verduidelik en toe te pas. Terugflitse as literêre tegniek kan onderverdeel word in vyf soorte, te wete eksterne, interne en gemengde retrospeksie, die terugflits om gebeure te kompliseer, en dié om gelyksoortige gebeurtenisse op te roep. Elkeen van hierdie vorms het 'n besondere funksie, soos onder andere om die leser aan vorige gebeurtenisse te herinner of om bepaalde tematiese besonderhede na vore te bring. Die tegniek van terugflits is aantoonbaar wanneer gewone, alledaagse insidente later die sleutel word vir verrassende geheime wat onthul word. Ofskoon terugflits en vooruitskouing albei deur herhaling en die vertel van 'n besondere ervaring gekenmerk word, verskil hulle hierin dat terugflits op die elemente van geheimhouding, spanning en verrassing fokus en vooruitskouing nie. Die artikel wys ook op die verband tussen die tegniek van terugflits en die struktuur van speurverhale.

This article aims at investigating and explaining the application of the technique of flashback in selected Northern Sotho literary texts. Five kinds of flashback are distinguished, namely external retrospection, internal retrospection, mixed retrospection, flashback to complicate events and flashback of similar events. These kinds of flashback have certain and specific functions, such as reminding readers of past events, foregrounding themes of the text, and so on. This technique is evident in a text when ordinary, everyday events turn out to be the key to surprising secrets that are revealed later. Though flashback seems to be similar to foreshadowing (prolepsis) in that both techniques contain features of repetition and the narration of a specific experience, the techniques, however, differ in that flashback focuses on the elements of secrecy, suspense and surprise, and foreshadowing does not. This article also reveals that a relationship between flashback and the structure of detective stories can be indicated.

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