n Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies - Teks op teks op teks : intertekstualiteit in Ingrid Winterbach se : research article

Volume 27, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0258-2279
  • E-ISSN: 2219-8237



This article focuses on the creative adaptation of Anglo-Boer War material in Ingrid Winterbach's (formerly Lettie Viljoen) "Niggie" ("Cousin") (2002) with specific reference to the historiographical-metafictional element and intertextual game with texts written during or shortly after the Anglo-Boer War in Dutch, such as Totius' "Vier-en-sestig dae te velde : 'n oorlogsdagboek" ("Sixty four days afield : a war diary") (1977) and in English, "Woman's endurance" (1904) by A.D.L. and Deneys Reitz's "Commando : a Boer journal of the Boer War" (1932). The intertextuality of more recent texts such as "Op soek na generaal Mannetjies Mentz" ("In Search of General Mannetjies Mentz") (1998) by Christoffel Coetzee, Klaas Steytler's "Ons oorlog" ("Our war") (2000) and Etienne Leroux's "Magersfontein, O! Magersfontein" (1976) will also be discussed.
A literary analysis is done of the novel "Niggie", with specific focus on the nature and function of Anglo-Boer War material in Winterbach's text. The question is posed why is there such a sustained focus and creative adaptation of Anglo-Boer War texts in Winterbach's oeuvre, especially in "Belemmering" ("Impediment") (1990); "Karolina Ferreira" (1993); "Buller se plan" ("Buller's plan") (1999) and "Niggie" ("Cousin") (2002)? How does she adapt this material? What is the function of this process and in what way does this novel impact on the reader a century after the war?

Hierdie artikel fokus op die kreatiewe verwerking van Anglo-Boereoorlogmateriaal in Ingrid Winterbach (vroeëre skrywersnaam : Lettie Viljoen) se "Niggie" (2002) met spesifieke verwysing na die historiografies-metafiksionele inslag en intertekstuele spel met oorlogsdagboeke uit hierdie tydperk, soos Totius se "Vier-en-sestig dae te velde : 'n oorlogsdagboek" (1977) en ook in Nederlands, "Woman's endurance" (1904) deur A.D.L. asook Deneys Reitz se "Commando : a Boer journal of the Boer War" (1932). Die intertekstualiteit met meer resente tekste soos "Op soek na generaal Mannetjies Mentz" (1998) van Christoffel Coetzee; Klaas Steytler se "Ons oorlog" (2000) en Etienne Leroux se "Magersfontein, O! Magersfontein" (1976) sal ook bespreek word.

Die artikel fokus op die aard en funksie van die Anglo-Boereoorlogmateriaal in Winterbach se roman. Waarom die volgehoue fokus en kreatiewe verwerking van Anglo-Boereoorlogtekste in Winterbach se oeuvre, soos veral ook in "Belemmering" (1990); "Karolina Ferreira" (1993) en "Buller se plan" (1999)? Hoe verwerk sy dié materiaal? Wat is die funksie daarvan en wat is die impak op die Afrikaanse leser 'n eeu na afloop van dié oorlog?

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