n Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies - Metaphors of pain : the use of metaphors in trauma narrative with reference to : research article

Volume 30, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0258-2279
  • E-ISSN: 2219-8237



This article is a contribution to the recent interdisciplinary discourse between psychoanalysis, trauma theory and narrative by discussing the traumatic experiences of characters in the novel "Fugitive pieces" by Anne Michaels, with a specific focus on the metaphorical style of this novel.

The article addresses the role of metaphor in the memory of trauma while comparing the relation between trauma, narrative and memory with reference to the work of Cathy Caruth, Van der Kolk and Margaret Wilkinson. Recent neurobiological research in the working of the brain during trauma and the insights of Borbelly in the role of metaphor during therapy are discussed.
Insights of Lacan, Modell and Laplanche are integrated with those of psychologists like Knox, Borbelly and Van der Hart to counter arguments against the criticism brought against some of the metaphorical themes in "Fugitive pieces".
Metaphor is seen as one possible way of saying the inexpressible and the progression in the use of metaphor by patient and character alike is seen as one of the signs of healing from trauma.

Hierdie artikel is 'n bydrae tot die resente interdissiplinêre diskoers tussen die sielkunde, traumateorie en die letterkunde. Die roman, "Fugitive pieces" deur Anne Michaels, word bespreek met spesifieke verwysing na die gebruik van metafore om onder andere die belewing van trauma uit te beeld.
Die rol van die metafoor in die traumatiese geheue en die verband tussen trauma, die narratief en die herinnerings van die persoon betrokke word bespreek met verwysing na die teorie daaroor deur Cathy Caruth, Van der Kolk, Margaret Wilkinson en andere. Resente insigte van neurobiologiese navorsing oor die werking van die brein gedurende trauma en die insigte van Borbelly oor die rol van die metafoor in die traumatiese geheue word betrek.
Die metafoor word gesien as een van die wyses waarop die aanvanklik onverwoordbare traumatiese ervaring wel oorgedra kan word in die narratief van trauma.

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