oa Litnet Akademies : 'n Joernaal vir die Geesteswetenskappe, Natuurwetenskappe, Regte en Godsdienswetenskappe - Aantekeninge oor regsaspekte van ouervervreemdingsindroom in Suid-Afrika : regte



Ouervervreemdingsindroom is 'n betreklik onbekende verskynsel wat nog nie werklik in Suid-Afrikaanse regspraak oor kinders en egskeidings oorweeg is nie. In leketaal kan ouervervreemdingsindroom kortliks beskryf word as 'n geestestoornis of -toestand van 'n kind wat hom of haar tydens of ná 'n egskeidingsgeding ten sterkste met een ouer laat assosieer en laat weier om 'n verhouding met die ander ouer te hê. Dit vind veral plaas waar ouers in bestrede egskeidingsgedinge wat met erge konflik gepaard gaan, betrokke is of was.

Parental alienation syndrome is a relatively unknown phenomenon that has not really been considered in South African case law pertaining to children and divorce. In layman's terms parental alienation syndrome can be described as a mental disorder or condition where children are turned against one parent (the alienated parent) by the other parent (the alienating parent). This occurs primarily as a result of bitter divorce proceedings or in any lawsuit or dispute over parental responsibilities and rights. The purpose of this note is to explain what parental alienation syndrome entails, to discuss the recognition of this syndrome as a mental disorder or condition, and especially to indicate where and when the syndrome can occur in legal matters. The note also aims at creating an awareness of parental alienation syndrome, particularly among family advocates, social workers, lawyers and mediators. The best interests of the child as well the child's voice in divorce proceedings are discussed. The importance of divorce mediation is emphasised and an approach conducive to the conciliation and problem-solving in all matters concerning children, especially in divorce proceedings, are highlighted.


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