oa Litnet Akademies : 'n Joernaal vir die Geesteswetenskappe, Natuurwetenskappe, Regte en Godsdienswetenskappe - Nomades, oorlogmasjiene, Freud en The Doors : 'n skisoanalise van Alexander Strachan se "Visioen" (1984) met verwysing na Apocalypse Now



Nomads, war machines, Freud and The Doors : a schizoanalysis of Alexander Strachan's ""Visioen"" (""Vision"") with reference to Apocalypse NowIn the thought of Deleuze and Guattari, subjectivity is seen as a radical multiplicity which continuously transforms itself. Some literary texts can be read as portrayals of such a multiple and so-called nomadic subjectivity. I set out to read Alexander Strachan's short story ""Visioen"" (""Vision"") from his debut collection, 'n Wêreld sonder grense (A World without Borders) (1984), with a few Deleuze-Guattarian concepts in hand, and hopefully this schizoanalysis will show a way to a new reading of all Strachan's early texts. Francis Ford Coppola's film Apocalypse Now (1979) will be used as an important intertext throughout the discussion.


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