n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - Antioxidants : real medicines? : main topic

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



Individual antioxidants are widely advocated for their presumed health benefits. <br>While the theory seems convincing, major clinical studies show no benefits and some show deleterious repercussions. <br>The true Mediterranean type diets have been shown to confer remarkable benefits. <br>We give quite insufficient attention given to such overwhelmingly positive information. <br>Our emphasis should be on actively 'prescribing' a good lifestyle. <br>A good lifestyle includes a daily intake of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and with a balanced intake of omega-3 fatty acids, low in saturated fats and trans-fatty acid, with no smoking and with regular physical exercise. <br>The benefits of such a lifestyle can't be mimicked by any 'pill or potion'.

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