n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - The Health Professions Council of South Africa and the medical practitioner : main article

Volume 24, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



The HPCSA is a statutory body established in terms of the Health Professions Act, 1974. <BR>Its mission is to promote the health of all people in South Africa by determining standards of professional education and training and setting and maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour for its registered health care professionals. <BR>The HPCSA has issued a set of guidelines and policies to assert practitioner independence and patients' rights. <BR>Ethical duties bind health professionals to their patients who, in turn, have corresponding rights or claims against their health care professionals. <BR>There has been a remarkable increase in consumers' awareness of Council's grievance procedures and their ability to exercise their rights. In addition, consumers of health care services have also become more aware of their civil rights. <BR>Forty-three per cent of the findings of unprofessional conduct have been in the 'criminal/dishonesty' category. <BR>The HPCSA imposes a duty on health professionals to report impairment in fellow students, interns, practitioners, or self to the relevant board. <BR>Failure to inform patients of results of diagnostic tests may result in the health professional being suspended from practice. <BR>A finding of professional misconduct can lead to a caution, reprimand or both; a fine; suspension for a specified period from practising her/his profession; being struck off the roll; a compulsory period of professional service; payment of the costs of the proceedings or restitution.

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