n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - Risks of using iodinated contrast material for radiological investigations : clinical pharmacology




Extracted from text ... CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY clinical pharmacology 328 CME June 2006 Vol.24 No.6 intravenous iodine-containing contrast material is used to enhance imaging during cT scanning, urological investigations and angiography. These agents can be divided into high- and low-osmolar groups; or alternately, ionic or nonionic media. The low-osmolar agents are almost all non-ionic and are reported to have better adverse effect profiles. high-osmolar agents are usually ionic agents, although one ionic agent (sodium and meglumine ioxaglate/ hexabrix) is relatively low-osmolar by virtue of its dimeric ring. contrast media contribute greatly to diagnostic value, but there are some important risks associated with their use, ..


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