n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - Colorectal carcinoma : main article

Volume 25, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



Large-bowel cancer is a common disease, especially in ageing Western populations.

Diet is an important aetiological factor.
Screening is critical in order to reduce the incidence of the disease. In symptomatic patients (change of bowel habit, rectal bleeding), clinicians should have a high index of suspicion and refer patients for investigation.
There is good long-term survival after treatment of early lesions.
Advances in surgical techniques, especially the introduction of total mesorectal excision, have resulted in lower recurrence rates.
Improvements in the timing, and delivery of radiation have resulted in lower local recurrence rates and complication rates.
Recent developments in chemotherapy and targeted agents have produced a marked improvement in survival of patients with metastases, allowing patients with metastases to survive 2 years and more.
Multidisciplinary management improves outcomes of treatment by optimal co-ordination of all treatment modalities.

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