n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - Cow's milk allergy in children : main article

Volume 29, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



The estimated prevalence of cow's milk allergy (CMA) varies between 2% and 7.5%, being higher in children than adults. Cow's milk allergy can develop in exclusively or partially breast-fed infants, when cow's milk protein (CMP) is introduced into the feeding regimen. The incidence of CMA is lower in exclusively breast-fed infants (0.5%) compared with formula-fed or mixed-fed infants, and clinical reactions in the breast-fed group are mostly mild to moderate. This might be related to lower levels of CMP in breast milk compared with cow's milk, immunomodulators in breast milk and differences in gut flora between breast-fed and formula-fed infants.

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