n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - Antiretroviral adverse drug reactions and their management : main article

Volume 29, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



The 2010 South African ART guidelines recommend the use of tenofovir (TDF) and lamivudine (3TC) with efavirenz (EFV) or nevirapine (NVP) as first-line therapy for treatment-naïve adults starting antiretroviral therapy. Second-line therapy is determined by the NRTI choice in first line. Patients on a first-line regimen with TDF will be prescribed lopinavir / ritonavir (LPV/r), zidovudine (AZT) and 3TC while patients on a first-line regimen with AZT or d4t will receive lopinavir / ritonavir (LPV/r), tenofovir and 3TC. Other antiretrovirals commonly used in the private sector are abacavir (ABC), atazanavir / ritonavir (ATV/r) and the recently registered darunavir / ritonavir (DRV/r). Newer antiretrovirals, used for more treatment-experienced patients, are still in the registration process, such as the second-generation NNRTI etravirine (ETV) and the integrase inhibitor raltegravir (RLT).These drugs may be prescribed for patients with limited treatment options subject to MCC approval on a case by case basis.

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