n CME : Your SA Journal of CPD - The safe spinal anaesthetic

Volume 30, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 0256-2170



Spinal anaesthesia is relatively easy to perform and can potentially be excellent for below the umbilicus. However, it can also give rise to serious side-effects and complications. To perform a safe procedure, the anaesthetist must have adequate knowledge of the indications and contra-indications, and of the relevant anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of spinal anaesthesia. The patient must be assessed before administration of the spinal anaesthetic and the theatre must be correctly prepared. The anaesthetist must be familiar with the correct technique. After administration of the anaesthetic, the patient must be monitored so that side-effects and complications are recognised immediately and treated early. Sedatives must be titrated with care. During the postoperative period the patient should be admitted to the recovery room and monitored.

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