n South African Journal of Child Health - 'Saving Children 2009' : evaluating quality of care through mortality auditing : hot topics

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1994-3032
  • E-ISSN: 1999-7671



The Child Healthcare Problem Identification Programme (Child PIP) has contributed to both improving knowledge regarding child deaths and efforts to reduce these deaths since its introduction in 2004. Child PIP is a voluntary mortality audit process designed to ascertain the quality of care children receive in the South African health system. It provides structure and tools for conducting mortality reviews or audits of in-hospital deaths of children by :

  1. ensuring that all deaths are identified
  2. determining the social, nutritional and HIV context of each child who dies
  3. assigning a cause to each death
  4. determining modifiable factors that identify instances where failure to meet specific standards of care have, or may have, contributed to the child's death.
Child PIP encourages and enables teams of health care workers to reflect on the quality of health care children receive, to identify gaps or deficiencies in this care, and to find solutions that will improve care in the future. Child PIP was developed and initially implemented primarily by paediatricians (who are usually based at regional or tertiary levels), but has since been taken up by general doctors and professional nurses working in district hospitals.

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