oa South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition - The development of a preliminary regression equation for estimating the weight of black South African paraplegic males using anthropometric measurements in Tshwane, South Africa : original research



: To develop a regression equation to estimate the weight of black male paraplegic South African subjects.

: Cross-sectional study.
: Outpatient paraplegic clinic of Kalafong Hospital, Tshwane, South Africa.
: Subjects (n = 43) were selected from a population of black paraplegic males attending the clinic.
: The following measurements were obtained in triplicate from the consenting subjects: weight, waist, calf, chest and neck circumference, mid upper-arm circumference (MUAC), supine length, upper-arm length and wrist circumference. The age of the subject, time elapsed since injury, level of injury and level of spasticity were recorded.
: Body weight correlated significantly with waist, calf, chest and neck circumference and MUAC with respective Pearson correlation coefficient values (R) of 0.85 or higher and significant levels (p-values) of p < 0.0001. A regression equation to estimate weight was chosen on the basis of strength and practicality and included the following variables: circumferences of the calf, chest, and neck as well as the supine length. The regression equation was significant (p < 0.0001).
: A regression equation was developed which could be used, when further validated, to estimate the weight of black South African paraplegic males.


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