oa South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition - Poster presentation abstracts

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 1607-0658
  • E-ISSN: 2221-1268



Designing a tuck-shop programme for a school-based healthy lifestyle intervention (HealthKick)

Investigation of the effect of ginger on the lipid level
An assessment of the dietary intake of pregnant women in the West Coast / Winelands region, Western Cape Province : Relation to low birth weight (LBW), a case-control study
The use of a validated dietary assessment tool in a human mycotoxin exposure study
The technical development and future of Guideline Daily Amounts
Effect of a protein supplementation on the weight-loss and hypolipemic properties of dietary fibers : an experimental study with Fenugreek Galactomannan
Snack food consumption patterns of primary school children aged nine to thirteen years old in the Vaal region
Development of a rapid assessment method for the determination of glycaemic index
Evaluation of an insulin infusion protocol and factors influencing glycaemic fluctuation in an intensive care setting : a prospective chart review

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