n South African Journal of Surgery - Surgical Research Society Congress, 25 - 26 July 2002, East London : abstracts

Volume 42, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0038-2361
  • E-ISSN: 2078-5151



Extracted from text ... Abstracts SAJS 20 VOL 42, NO. 1, FEBRUARY 2004 SAJS CLINICAL EVALUATION OF THE CHARCOT FOOT IN DIABETIC PATIENTS, REGARDING THE ARCHITECTURAL AND NEUROVASCULAR IMPAIRMENT Heerden-Van HM, Durand MC Department of Surgery, University of Pretoria Goal: To investigate the pathology of the Charcot foot in a diabetic patient, specifically the anatomical, neurological and vascular changes. Method: All the patients in the Diabetic Foot clinic were investigated prospectively (1997 - 2001). One hundred and eighty diabetic patients were compared to sixteen Charcot feet in diabetic patients. A neurovascular examination was done, and a footprint was taken with a Podotract. In the cases were both the posterior tibial artery and a. dorsalis pedis were absent, a Doppler ..

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