oa Madoqua - Microfaunal remains from Mirabib: some evidence of palaeo-ecological changes in the Namib

Volume 10, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1011-5498



Microfaunal remains, derived from disintegrated owl peIIets, from stratified dateable remains in the Mirabib shelter, were used to detemine palaeo-ecological changes in the Namib. It was estimated that a minimum of 2308 individual animals, of which 87% were found to be either gerbils or geckos, contributed to the remains studied. The evidence suggests that dune sand was not present within the owl-hunting range of Mirabib during the 6000 years for which faunal evidence was available. The overall indications for the last 6000 years suggest that a more favourable habitat was present during the accumulation of these sediments than is the case today.

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