n Management Dynamics : Journal of the Southern African Institute for Management Scientists - The influence of organisational factors in small tourism businesses on the success of Internet marketing

Volume 14, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1019-567X



Small businesses have been identified as a catalyst for creating jobs and generally growing the economy. One sector that is characterised by the proliferation of small businesses is that of the tourism industry. Key to this sector reaching its full potential is, however, access to markets. The Internet is seen by many as playing a valuable role in helping small tourism businesses understand their markets better, extend their reach, and serve their customers more effectively, irrespective of its geographical location. However, identifying the factors that influence the success of the use of the Internet for marketing is proving challenging. The focus of this study is the identification of those organisational factors that are present in a small tourism business irrespective of whether or not the Internet is utilised, but which will influence the success with which the Internet can be used to market the business. These are distinct from the factors implicit in the implementation of the Internet or the technology per se. If these factors can be identified and their relative influence on Internet marketing success be determined, it will allow small tourism businesses to access markets more readily. The results indicate that having an entrepreneurial orientation and understanding the needs of customers are important to the successful use of the Internet for the marketing of small tourism businesses in South Africa.

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