n Management Today - A comment on the state of I.T. in South Africa

Volume 29, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 1027-4324



When I was asked to comment on this subject, my first reaction was a desire to obliterate the historic perception of South Africa being the poor cousin of the West that patiently waits for the Christmas "hand-me-downs" from Europe and the US. On reflection I came to two key realisations. Firstly, proof of us no longer being the "poor cousin" can be found via a quick trip to Dubai Duty Free - iPads there cost the same as back home - with a guarantee restricted to the UAE only! More importantly though, my second realisation was that there is significant activity around IT - in all sectors of our economy - but with very little tangible progress in areas that matter. So, like any good consultant - my thoughts have been framed in terms of key indicators and relative scores.

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