n Management Today - Strategy roadmap : seamless strategy making for flawless performance

Volume 29, Issue 9
  • ISSN : 1027-4324



Why is it that the word "strategy" is overused daily in company boardrooms yet few people can write a useable strategy, or facilitate the development of one for their organisation? Why is it that the concept of "strategy" is introduced in many daily social conversations yet few people can even develop a one-page written strategy about their own personal life plans?

One possible answer is that many people have a vague understanding of the dictionary concept of strategy or tactics but daily practice shows that many people have no clue how strategy is developed or implemented. In the business sector all organisations talk strategy but many do not actually have a written strategy with a clear framework on how to implement, monitor, and report organisational performance. So for organisations, the question is no longer "What is strategy?" Rather, it is "How do we successfully develop and execute a strategy that does not gather dust on office shelves?"

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