n Management Today - Organisational visioning, strategy development, and flawless execution

Volume 30, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1027-4324



The world has plunged into a new global shock! Over the past 36 months we have suffered a global economic recession, particularly felt in the USA and the Euro Zone. We have been hit by the most devastating earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Turkey and Japan. Most parts of the world have been scorched by unprecedented droughts and harsh climatic conditions, especially felt in the horn of Africa, Asia and Australia. The Arab Spring has brought inspirational hope for renewal of national leadership and good governance in the Arab-speaking world. There is emerging community lawlessness in some parts of the world, as recently demonstrated by the violence and mass killings in Norway and destructive street riots in the UK in 2011. All these phenomena have produced worse unemployment, deeper poverty, more organisational failures, and fragmentation of communities and families across the world. Such global dissonance and wholesale breakdown of local and national institutions call for new strategies that create and undergird new organisational models fit for new global demands.

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