n Management Today - From the heart : reflections of a creative type

Volume 30, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 1027-4324



My first encounter with creative thinking as a process brought with it that comfortable, smell-of-freshly-baked-warm-bread sort of feeling, which meant I had found home. The space where I truly belonged - no need for explanations, no pontificating about intellectual greatness, no useless exchange of accolades, nor the meaningless demonstrations of material achievements that fill conversations, but a rare opportunity to just be me - the whole-of-me that we all deserve to be. After a lifetime of attempting rather unsuccessfully to 'fit in' to structured school systems and various work environments, I realised that there was a place in the world where I could make sense, feel and live my passion, rise to new heights of awareness and become a more fully integrated human being.

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