n Management Today - Vantagepoint : the lessons learnt from a seasoned entrepreneur

Volume 30, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1027-4324



The entrepreneurial era of my business life is one which many business people and entrepreneurs can relate to:

  1. a fast track corporate era
  2. a few business start-ups
  3. the big break with an IT business in the 90's, the sale and wealth creation
  4. the new opportunity (seen through rose-tinted glasses), the harsh reality of a dud purchase
  5. the demise and collapse of the new business, the reality of loss and sureties
  6. the stress of having a judgement against your name and getting it rescinded
  7. picking yourself up and doing it all over again, finding the silver lining to what seemed like a hopeless situation, resulting in
  8. the birth of a new business, new partners, new life, new opportunities and
  9. lessons learnt, personal development, new roadmap, focus, discipline and balance.
All in all, a real roller-coaster life of experiences filled with adventure; spanning the full wavelength of dark depths and amazing heights, with a myriad of life and business lessons that everyone can learn from.

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