oa Marang : Journal of Language and Literature - The nature and origin of sex-related euphemisms in Setswana

Volume 18, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1816-7659



The aim of this study is to investigate sex-related euphemisms in Setswana. Although sex matters, as embarrassing phenomena, are not usually talked about in Setswana communities, they have recently been brought to the open by the incidence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The assumption in this study is therefore that, with more open discourse of sex-related matters in Botswana, more euphemisms have been created to camouflage the embarrassing nature of the various referents in this field. The sex-related matters include private parts, sexual activities, sexual secretions, sexual diseases and related phenomena. This study descriptionbes the nature, origin, and types of these euphemisms and considers their place and role in the social interaction of the people of Botswana.

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