oa Marang : Journal of Language and Literature - On the mastery of the arrangement of english complex modifiers by some Yoruba learners of english

Volume 19, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1816-7659



This study investigated the mastery of English complex modifiers by some Senior Secondary School III pupils who are Yoruba speakers of English. The major aims of the study were first, to find whether the subjects had adequate proficiency in the acquisition of complex modifiers and second, to examine whether the types of secondary school attended (i.e., government/public secondary schools or individual/private secondary schools) by the subjects or the gender of the subjects have any significant effect on their mastery of English complex modifiers. The data collection methods used for the study were of two types. The first was an essay test administered to the students while the second was a questionnaire. The study found that the proficiency of our subjects in the mastery of English complex modifiers was inadequate. It was also discovered that although the types of school attended by the subjects has significant effect on their performance, gender has no significant effect in the acquisition of the English complex modifiers by the subjects.

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