oa Molecular Diagnosis and Vaccines - Prevalence of TT virus infection among hemodialysis patients

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1687-2010



The TT virus (TTV) is a DNA virus which was first identified in patients with non-A to -G hepatitis following blood transfusion. Sera from 100 attendees of hemodialysis (HD) unit of Al-Hussain University Hospital were tested for the presence of anti-HCV, HCV-RNA using nested polymerase chain reaction ""PCR"" with primers directed to the highly conserved 5' non-coding region of the HCV genome and TTV genome by nested-PCR using the primers of the open reading frame 1 (ORF). The overall prevalence of anti-HCV was 38 % from which only 22% were positive for HCV-RNA. TTV viremia was found in 26%, the prevalence of TTV infection was higher in patients with previous blood transfusion (18/26) and in those with diabetes mellitus (23/26). No significant relationship was found between TTV viremia and hepatitis C virus, age, sex, and duration of HD treatment. These findings support that TTV viremia is widespread among hemodialysis patients and can be detected in 26 % since no viremic patient had clinical or biochemical signs of liver disease.

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