n South African Gastroenterology Review - Mesalazine : the gold standard for maintenance therapy in inflammatory bowel disease : review

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1812-1659



Extracted from text ... REVIEW The South African Gastroenterology Review - August 2003 12 Mesalazine: The gold standard for maintenance therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease while sulfapyridine accounts for many of its side effects. The newer 5-ASA compounds, if delivered to the site of the disease, should have a similar efficacy to sulfasalazine but with fewer side effects. Orally ingested 5-ASA is rapidly absorbed in the small bowel and therefore delayed release formulations have been developed to overcome this. The available 5-ASA preparations are coated to delay premature absorption. In Asacol the 5-ASA is coated with an acrylic resin in a single capsule ..

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